I am a PhD candidate in clinical psychology, with a secondary focus in quantitative psychology, in the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia. I primarily work with Bethany Teachman, PhD, in the Program for Anxiety, Cognition, and Treatment lab, and with collaborators in computer science and engineering on the MindTrails Project, a public research website for interpretation bias training.

My research seeks to elucidate the cognitive, affective, and behavioral processes that maintain emotional disorders and the pathways by which psychological treatments can change those processes. By identifying mechanisms of disorder and change, I hope to advance the development and dissemination of targeted, scalable, and personalized interventions. I also have interests in methodology and open science.

I am UVA's student representative to PCSAS, the open science coordinator for the Society for Digital Mental Health, and on the Executive Committee of the Diversifying Scholarship Conference. I have completed clinical practica in UVA's Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic, Region Ten's Crisis Services, UVA's Counseling and Psychological Services, and VCU's Department of Family Medicine.

I am excited to start clinical internship at the Stony Brook University Consortium this fall, where I will work with Jessica Schleider, PhD, and colleagues in the Lab for Scalable Mental Health.

Before graduate school, I was the research coordinator for the Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics at the University of Washington. I received a BS in psychology and a BA in philosophy from Tulane University and an MA in clinical psychology from UVA.

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Some Collaborators

Laura Barnes, PhD, UVA Engineering
Mehdi Boukhechba, PhD, UVA Engineering
Craig Enders, PhD, UCLA Psychology
Jessie Gibson, PhD, RN, UVA Nursing, UVA Neurology
Teague Henry, PhD, UVA Psychology, UVA Data Science
Andrada Neacsiu, PhD, Duke Psychiatry, Duke Family Medicine
Matt Southward, PhD, Kentucky Psychology
Bethany Teachman, PhD, UVA Psychology
Cynthia Tong, PhD, UVA Psychology